Just us

FieldDay.io was founded by Ananda Kammampati with the goal of designing a universal platform to serve the demand of training global field teams on different technologies and product integration's, all hands-on.

While Ananda created the Self-directed learning platform, Master-VM framework, custom installers, Hands-on labs, videos, website & contents, online store and all backend integration, his high school and engineering college buddy - Rajesh Kunnath helped design the portable homelab server appliance - Hands-On-Box .

Rajesh is the founder of RadioStudio, an electronics design house and IoT product firm.

In the past, Ananda created StudentOS and many of its Editions for training and educational purposes.

The Ultimate goal of FieldDay.io is to provide a platform with which anyone in any part of the world can master IT hands-on in their own pace and time, either insanely cheap or free.


Ananda Kammampati

The software guy


Rajesh Kunnath

The hardware guy