our paradigm, our goal

In today's interconnected world, there are many avenues for mastering IT.  YouTube channels, Udemy are some of our favorites. And there are many more that do a fantastic job.  While we don't claim that only we do the best, what we assure you with utmost sincerity is on our unique framework in teaching IT that can scale global. (precisely why we patented it).

In our view, the fundamental challenges with mastering IT is not with the lack of quality lessons. Infact, there are plenty all over the internet.

It is the complexity and time it takes in building a clean homelab environment, which is an absolute must for mastering IT hands-on.

It is that monumental challenge that we have solved with our patent pending framework.

With our Master-VM framework™, no matter which part of the world you live in or how much you can afford, we assure you that you can become an IT expert in your own right. And that precisely, is our ultimate goal.

We deliver to your home, packaged homelabs (Master-VM™) that come bundled with self-guiding video lessons with which, you can master different IT technologies and integration skills - all at your own pace, in you own time, on your own server and in your own language.

Don't take our words for it. Give it a try and decide whichever works best for you in mastering IT. Remember, ours is just one path that guides you in reaching your destination. Wishing you the very best in whichever path you choose.

FieldDay.io paradigm with a cooking analogy

FieldDay.io paradigm with a movie analogy