DROD - Disaster Recovery Orchestration for Docker

Architect: Ananda Kammampati
What is DROD
In simple terms, DROD to Docker is what VMware SRM (Site Recovery Manager) is for the VMware vSphere platform.
To design and showcase the advantages of deploying VMware's Linux Container host – (CentOS7) on VMware platform. To design a simple, superior and affordable Disaster Recovery solution with Open source technologies and make it Production grade.
High-Level Workflow
The DOCKER host, the local Registry and all the applications that are running inside the Containers that are hosted on the DOCKER host (say in New York) will be the Protected site.
In the event of a disaster at the Protected site, the DOCKER host and the local Registry at the Recovery site (say in New Jersey) will take over the functionalities of hosting all the Containers along with their hosted applications and all micro services, with very minimal downtime.
Architecture design
  • GREEN is the Protected site
  • RED is the Recovery site
  • BLUE represent Load Balancers infrastructure
  • PURPLE represent shared infrastructure
  • CentOS7 is installed on Docker host(s)
  • CentOS7 is installed on Local Registry host(s)
  • CentOS7 is installed on Identity server(s)
  • OPENFILER serve shared storage
  • VMs that end with 'P' serve the Protected site
    • GATEWAY-P: Gateway
    • REGISTRY-P: Local Registry
    • IDENTITY-P: Identity server
    • HOST-P: Docker host
    • LB-P: Load Balancer
  • VMs that end with 'R' serve the Recovery site
    • GATEWAY-R: Gateway
    • REGISTRY-R: Local Registry
    • IDENTITY-R: Identity server
    • HOST-R: Docker host
    • LB-R: Load Balancer